Ainslie Group Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to build an Ainslie Group Home?

    Typically, the entire process, from initial contract to move–in takes 4 to 5 months (120 – 150 days), depending on the complexity of the home. The design and selection process takes 30 days, and the actual building of your home takes the remaining time, but of course weather is always a factor. When you select a home plan and a building site to create your new home, we'll keep you updated often so you can plan all the details of your move.

  • How do I purchase an Ainslie Group home?

    Visit one of our many communities throughout Hampton Roads by reviewing our website's Communities or Home Search sections. You can also read more about Ainslie Group's commitment and passion for homebuilding, as well as our involvement in the many philanthropic activities we feel are important to the region.

  • I am interested in buying a new home, but I need help selling my current home. Can you help?

    If you need assistance selling your current home or want to talk to a licensed realtor before buying a new home, we can help.

    Crestline Realty is here and ready with immediate and personalized service tailored specifically to meet your needs. A partner and affiliate of the Ainslie Group, Crestline Realty shares their philosophy on the importance of outstanding customer service. If you are relocating to the Hampton Roads area, we have plenty of information to help you make the right decision while searching for your dream home. Contact Ainslie Group or Crestline Realty at 757.499.7000 or email us now.

  • Who should I talk to about getting a mortgage?

    We currently partner with two preferred lenders who work with us to make the process as easy as possible for you.  To get pre–qualified, contact one of our licensed mortgage specialists at Tidewater Home Funding or Towne Bank Mortgage. Our New Home Specialist will be happy to make the arrangements with one of their licensed mortgage officers to get the process started. It usually takes about an hour to go through the basic information and get a prequalification letter specifically for you.

  • What questions should I ask the builder when buying a new home?

    Read our blog article on the five most important things homebuyers really need to know to help ensure an enjoyable experience with our company or any professional builder.

  • What types of things can I select for my new home?
  • At Ainslie Group, we have 4 different building divisions that each specialize in their own niche. Our homes range from just under 1,000 Sq. Ft to over 6,000 Sq. Ft. The limits of what you can select are only defined by your imagination. If you start from the beginning, you will have the chance to select almost every element in the building process. If it is a home we have already begun, depending on how far along we are in the building process, you may be able to select interior and exterior paint colors, carpet and floor colors, cabinet and counter–top finishes and even light fixture finishes. Occasionally, we have model homes and designer spec homes that are completed 100% and ready to move in immediately.

  • How is a walk–through handled prior to closing?

    With 40 years in the industry, and the principals literally working from the ground up, the Ainslie Group team prides itself in doing our "Homework" in advance. We spend a tremendous amount of time engineering our plans and details so all of the parts of our homes actually "work together".

    Our Project Managers perform daily inspections of every trade’s work in each home we build, to ensure that a consistently high performance home will be delivered every time. Our trademark 350 Item Quality Control Inspection (QCI) is performed on every house personally by one of the owners to be certain it is ready for your Home Orientation/Walk-Through.

    Once your home passes the QCI, (most of our homes score in the 98-100 percentile) we will walk the home with you a few days days prior to closing and go through a complete orientation of the home, its features and maintenance tips to help you keep it like new. This is a great time to ask any questions and note any discrepancies or "punch items" that need to be taken care of prior to occupancy.

  • If I have a problem after I move into my new home, what do I do?

    Your home includes a standard 1 year builder warranty, and a 10 year supplemental warranty. During the first year, we ask that you notify us of any issues at 8 weeks and 11 months, using the forms supplied at your orientation. We take great pride in responding quickly to any client request, usually within 24 – 48 hours.  We also provide all of our own warranty service, so the same person who built your home will also oversee any service request you have. Additionally, unlike almost every other builder, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If we did it wrong, we will fix it! You can email us at: or fax us at 757–490–9494, whichever is easier for you.

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